Monday, 24 December 2012

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TODAY I AM "going to post a dangerous attack in a simple way better chances of working then other ways."
Steps :-

1. Enter the id of victim and any fake password
then click on request new one! see the screenshot below

2. you will see no longer access of these see screenshot as seen below

3. Enter a non- facebook email which have no facebook account.
Now facebook will sent a recovery mail to you on the same account.
see screenshot

4. now you will have no problem if you know security que of your victim! or if not try in three chances if the question is correct it will over!
5.  If your security question is correct you will see something like in the below screenshot then enter new password whatever you want! then facebook will sent a confirm mail to your id by clicking you can hack a id!..
6. Now open your suggest mail id and check the mail send from facebook and click on links then after 24 hours you will be able to use the hacked id!

now I m going to tell you about the other site i.e what will happen if you enter wrong security question we will go back and enter fake answer, if you give wrong security answer you will see something like this

fill this for in this case u will have less chance of  success....:)
Note -:
  Only for knowledge purpose share your trick spread knowledge.
Use at your own risk


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