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New Airtel TCP 443 VPN -100% Working

On this Christmas We are sharing only Working Airtel TCP 443 VPN Trick with you All. We know that Vodafone is now Not Connecting because the loopholes in their network is closed, So it seems now You will have to taste High Speed Internet through Airtel Tricks only. To be honest this trick is not founded by us, I had some how managed to modify peoples Config with Airtel and it Seems to be working perfectly where TCP port is opened in Airtel. One can Found Open ports of his Area using PD Proxy.

New Airtel TCP 443 VPN -100% Working

New Airtel TCP 443 VPN -100% Working
We know that TCP protocol have slower Speed Than UDP Tricks, but it is always better to have something than nothing, Airtel is Famous for Speed Capping, but here if anyone needs a Working Speed capping solution he/she should request through comments, we will Mail instantly. To keep Airtel Speed Uncapping Solution live for long time we are not sharing it openly. Lets some Advantages of Airtel TCP 443 Trick followed by Steps.

Advantages of Airtel TCP VPN Trick

  • Also works with Vodafone where TCP 443 is opened
  • This is a TCP Protocol Trick, Downloading Speed is slower than UDP Tricks
  • Only Work in Airtel Where TCP-4443 Port is Opened
  • Also Working in 0 Balance
  • Connect with as Access Point
  • You need to register for Username and password
  • No Balance Deduction here
  • No Airtel Host is used, Hence No SIM Blocking
  • Config file Credits to ANIRUDDHA
  • Unlimited Download  Supported
  • You can use any working Speed Capping Solution to get maximum Speed
  • You can use this config in Android phones using Feat VPN
  • Use this Method to Download torrents With IDM at High Speed

How to Configure Airtel TCP 443 VPN Trick

This is a TCP based trick used with Peoples VPN Service, In order to use this VPN Trick you will need to register for an Free account, Please Follow the steps properly and implement exactly as given below for Successful Connection.
  • Download Airtel TCP 443 VPN Config Files
  • We Recommend to use NMD VPN for Running this Config
  • If you do not have then Download new NMD VPN 
  • Register on Peoples VPN Website for Free Accont
  • Now simply Extract the Downloaded files and paste it into NMD VPN config folder.
  • Make you Sure you paste your registered username and password in Free.txt file
  • Connect your Airtel SIM with as Access Point
  • Now Run NMD VPN as Administrator and Connect with Peoples Server
  • VPN Tunneling will initiate and your connection will be established in few seconds
Note: This is a Location Based trick, so it will not work Everywhere, Only Implement on Airtel TCP 443 VPN Trick if you are sure TCP Port is opened in your Area. User’s who are facing Disconnection Problem can HTTP proxy 80 with any other HTTP Proxy. Proxies can be easily found at


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