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One's blog is not only  a piece of text or article it represent the way of thinking of the blogger .To be a good blogger you should understand the thinking of the reader of the blog and what they are searching for and how easily thy can get it.In a blog on certain topic the blogger try to make understand the readers about what he/she thinks for the certain topic,each and every steps are clearly elaborate by the blogger for the best understanding.

Use as simple language as you can as the visitor to you blog will easily understand the content of your blog-site,they will be sticking to your blog and  will be visiting regularly.

These are few tips for simplifying you language in the blog

  • Survey around the Web

    Before posting any content on Blog visit some popular websites and do a little research about the topic related to your blog.Search the most popular articles related  to your blog .Just for example you a blog on devices and gadgets search for the newest gadget and popular gadgets now you will get a little Idea about what to write in the blog article.
  • Make a rough idea before writing

    After completing the survey you will having a little idea what to write. This is the time to note your ideas roughly to a paper .Now you have make some notes its the time  to go to the next step.
  • Writing the blog post

    This the time when you write down the blog post or the article from the page in which you have noted roughly idea's.Using any of electronic media like smartphone ,iPhone ,ipad ,table ,computer etc write in electronic form and add the related links without any grammatical mistakes such that everyone can easily understand.Make the article more attractive using bullets to important points highlighting or changing text color and most important adding images.
  • Attracting people from other blogs or sites

    Now after posting article on blog ,search for articles  related to your posts on web and comment there to visit your blog and provide reviews in articles of others giving link of your article related to that article.
  • Share on social networking sites

    At the last phase share your content on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut , Myspace, twitter etc, this also serves a huge source of traffic.Most of the blogger make pages for their blog on social networking sites and update it regularly and share it on daily..
This was the best strategy for writing a blog post and making it popular.
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