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How to Apply for PAN Card Online in India

How to Apply for PAN Card Online in India

If you are blogging or Earning Money online from India, A PAN Card is mandatory to get your earned money withdrawn. PAN is known as permanent Account Number which is now necessary for all Financial Transactions. There is No Age limit to Apply for PAN Card, even a 1 Year old baby can have PAN Card So lets seethe easiest Steps to get your PAN Card by Applying online or Offline and some of its advantages

Apply for PAN Card Online in India

New Bloggers are always looking to earn money online using various Legit Websites, But maximum of them Pay Through Paypal. Now for creating a Paypal Account you need to have a PAN Card, Without a PAN card you will not be able to make a Paypal Account hence without PAN there is no Other option to transfer your Earned money to your bank.

What is PAN Card ?

PAN (permanent Account Number) is unique alphanumeric combination issued to all juristic entities identifiable under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. PAN Number is allotted by Income Tax Department. It is also Served as a Important ID proof. The PAN number is almost mandatory for All financial  transactions such as opening a bank account, receiving taxable salary or professional fees, sale or purchase of assets above specified limits.
Example of PAN Card

Advantages of having a PAN card

  • PAN is required in online transactions and receiving payments from Companies
  • You can NOT make a Paypal account without PAN Card
  • a PAN card is served as Important Identity Proof
  • There is NO Certain Age limit for Applying PAN card
  • PAN is now mandatory for Applying to Credit Cards and Loan
  • You can get your PAN card within 15 days after date of Applying
  • You Need to pay only Rs.96 INR for getting your PAN

How to Apply for PAN Card Online

There are Two ways to Apply for PAN Card the First is using NSDL (Tax Information network) which is known as Income Tax, this is a traditional and Classic way to Get your PAN Card, and other is a Much faster way through UTI technology Services. yes UTI has made all process of PAN card easy and fast but they are only available in Some  Cities and Towns. So user’s living in small towns and Rural Areas need to select the Simple NSDL method to Apply for you PAN Card

Documents Required for PAN Card?

eligible for PAN CardA Recent colored passport Sized photograph
Address Proof- A Single copy of any one Documents Listed Below
  1. Certificate of Registration
  2. Copy of Bank Account Statement/ Passbook or Credit Card Statement
  3. Copy of Driving License
  4. Copy of Electric Bill or telephone bill
  5. Copy of Passport or ration Card which has your name
  6.  Copy of Voter Card (Election Card) or Aadhar Card
Identity proof- A Single copy of any one Documents Listed Below
  • Certificate of Identity
  • Copy of Bank Statement, Certificate of School/ Collage Degree
  • Copies of Driving Licence or passport
  • Copy of  School Living Certificate (T.C)
  • Copy of Water Bill

How to Apply for PAN Card Online through UTI

Readers Living in Cities cam simply Apply for Their PAN Card Number by filling a Online Application form followed by Documents procedure and Payment of Rs.96
Visit UTI PAN Official Website
You need to Select online Form for PAN Card and fill out your geniune Details which matches your Documents for Proof.
Also you can Visit Any UTIO Center in your town and Can opt for PAN Offiline
Check your City is Listed in UTI PAN  Center.

How to Apply for PAN Online through Income TAX Department

This the most traditional Method for Getting your PAN in a Easy way. as same as UTI there are also two ways one is offline Application for PAN Number which is considered Much Easy as compared of Online Form
Visit NSDL Official Portal for getting PAN Card

Click on New pan Card for Indian Citizens also called as form 49A, You will be redirected to a Online Application which also has online and offline payment options for your PAN, Just follow the steps and Get your Acknowledgment Online easily.
That’s All Abut how to Apply for PAN Card Online in India , I have seen many New Bloggers who are still Minors and have lot of confusion in getting a PAN, So just read the Post completely you will understand in depth Details and Then Apply.
Good Luck!


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