Monday, 31 December 2012

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Facebook New smiliyes and emotions UPDATED on 31/12


:::::::::::::::THEY WORK ONLY IN CHAT::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hello MAHARASHTRIANS Readers After searching a lot came up with these new facebook Chat Codes !
Smiley -------------Description Code

Smile –------------- smiling face [[F9.laugh]]
Sad –---------------- sad emoticons [[F9.sad]]
Angry –------------- face red with anger [[F9.angry]]
Kiss – -----------------Kiss [[F9.kiss]]
In love –-------------- with heart-shaped eyes [[F9.inlove]]
Smiley who loves –-- with the heart eyes [[F9.adore]]
He sleeps –----------- He’s asleep [[F9.sleepy]]
Pizza –----------------- a slice of pizza [[]]
Surprised –------------- smiley with mouth open [[F9.shock]]
Coffee ------------------– Cup of coffee [[]]
Bomb ----------------------[[F9.bomb]]
It rains –----------------- clouds and rain [[F9.rain]]
Sun --------------------------[[F9.sun]]

:::::::::::::::THEY WORK ONLY IN CHAT::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Heart –--------------------- big red heart [[F9.heart]]
Broken Heart------------------ [[F9.heartbreak]]
Doctor or Nurse ------------[[]]
Ghost ----------------------------[[F9.ghost]]
BRB ----------------------------(be right back – back soon) [[F9.brb]]
Wine –------------------------- Wine Bottles [[]]
Gift –------------------------ pack with green ribbon [[]]
Angelo –-------------------- Santa face with areola [[F9.angel]]
Balloons –------------------ Party [[F9.baloons]]
Birthday cake with candles--- [[F9.cake]]
Cup ---------------– bowl noodles [[F9.bowl]]
Call ---------------------------[[F9.callme]]
Applause –----------------------- face that laughs and applauds [[F9.clap]]
Confused –----------------------- with a crooked mouth [[F9.confused]]
Happy-face curling lip----------- [[F9.curllip]]
Devil – a demon face angry-------- [[F9.devilface]]
Lie – with a long nose--------------- [[F9.lying]]

  So friends use in ur chatbox and surprise your friends.............
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