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How to use Open VPN Tricks on Android (WITHOUT ROOTING)

VPN Tricks on Android Device. yes this is possible through FeatVPN which Supports OpenVPN and NMD VPN config files on any android Phones and Tablets. So Heavy Internet user’s just follow this steps and then use your VPN Tricks on Androidyou just need to know any working config of your area and needed a Android handset or tablet.

VPN Tricks on Android

VPN Tricks on Android
Here I Will be sharing a New VPN based very Similar Method Open VPN or NMD VPN in Android platform, currently user’s can only use some proxy tricks on Android but No VPN tricks, Android Ecosystem is growing widely with more and more android phones it is better to use the same Trick which is used on Windows for Accessing Internet. Another major Advantage is it is working in every Version of Android starting from 2.2 to Jelly bean which is latest for now.
Below Shown method will guide you how to Run your VPN Tricks on Android which runs on Windows. You do not need to root your device to run This VPN.

Features of Feat VPN

  • Can be used in Any version of Android OS
  • No need to ROOT your Device.
  • You can use Any Working Config in Feat VPN
  • It is completely Free, No need to pay anything
  • Beta version Available for Android 4.0+
  • Easy to Understand with help of Screenshots

How to use Open VPN Tricks on Android

There are numerous of VPN apps for Android available on Google Play, but most of them need Rooted Device or Super User Access. But Here There is no Need top Root your Phone or do anything else, just simply Download this VPN App from Google play and Follow the below instructions through Screenshots
  • First you will need to install this App on your android Device, you can do this by Searching on Google play or from Below Link
  • Then simply Create a .zip file of your Config  just add a Working Config files into a ZIP archive and paste that Zip file into your SD card.
  • After downloading this file Install the FeatVPN in Android

Now just Tap on Tunnels Option

Now you will see option to Add VPN tunnels, this is known as Adding a Config to Run VPN. Just tap on Add button.

Now you can see as from above screenshots there are some instructions Written, just go thorough it for better understanding and Then tap on Load Button

When you select load button you will be navigate to Browse your SD Card, Now Select your .zip file which you created or you can also select direct .openvpn file, but we recommend to put your configuration an pass.txt file in a Zip archive and the select .zip

After that feat VPN will automatically configure keys and register it,you will see your config file is selected an ready to run.

Now you can see the Tunnel connection is initiated and Ready to Connect, If there is no Errors in config files and UDP or TCP port is opened in your area then VPN will start receiving and sending Data.
Done! Now you can use your Working VPN Tricks on Android and taste High Speed intent on your phone too.


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